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You are invited to explore Baltimore’s Colonial past through the eyes of the Charles Carroll, Barrister and family at Mount Clare  Museum House. 

Students will be divided into small groups and guided through Mount Clare Museum House by a docent in period clothing. Students step back into the 18th century to view portraits of the people who lived at Mount Clare as well as see their furniture, china and silver displayed throughout the house.


An intimate tour will allow students to discuss the differences and similarities between life in the colonies and life now.  Students will be exposed to many objects unique to colonial 18th century living.

All tours are designed to address the Maryland State Social Studies curriculum.

Lesson Plans and Activity Sheet

We have prepared lesson plans that meet the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th grade Maryland State Voluntary Curriculum goals as well as a student activity sheet. Click on the appropriate link to download the file in Adobe PDF format.

» Student Activity Sheet(19KB)  » Lesson Plan 345(804KB)  » Lesson Plan 8(255KB)


Time Traveler 
$4.00 per student
One Hour
Includes Tour and video
During this interactive tour students will learn about daily life in the 18th century. 

Meet the Carroll’s
$5.00 per student
Two Hours
Tour, video, Daily Life Activity 
During this interactive tour students will learn about daily life in the 18th century.  Once finished exploring the mansion students will meet a costumed interpreter that will explore the customs of Colonial Marylanders.

Welcome to Margaret’s World
$7.50 per student
Two Hours
Tour, video, craft and games
During this interactive tour students learn about daily life in the 18th century.  Once finished with the tour students will get a change to play an 18th century game and  make a colonial craft to take home.

A Day in the Life of the Barrister
$8.50 per student
Three Hours
The ultimate colonial experience.  Students will tour the mansion, visit with a costumed interpreter, play 18th century games and make a craft to take home.


Tour Cost

Tour for Groups require minimum of 20+ for group rates
Chaperone ratio required is one adult per 15 students please.
Chaperones - $5.00 per person
Teachers complimentary

For more information or to schedule your visit contact Liz Otey 410-837-3262, ext. 105, or education@mountclare.org if you have any questions about the school programs.


Traveling Trunk Program

Mount Clare comes to you with a trunk full of Colonial Life.  A hands-on experience demonstrating 18th century life presented by a costumed interpreter. 

Cost: $75 per classroom plus mileage.


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